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We're here to help you design the coolest room possible! Book a FREE virtual, one-on-one stylist meeting to get personalized design advice and product recommendations.

We're available daily between 10AM-6PM CST. Read below to learn how to make an appointment with us:

How to Book a Virtual Appointment

If you're able to use the form shown on this page, great! That's the fastest way to book an appointment. Otherwise: If you're on your phone, DM us on Instagram! Our username is @roombodi. Or, if you prefer, email We can connect with you over Zoom, FaceTime, text, or whatever else you prefer!

Whether you're decorating your dorm for the first time or just decided to redo your room at home, we got you! We can help you find the perfect bedding to match your pillows, a tapestry to spice up your wall, design your room from the bottom up, or practically anything else you need design help with.

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