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roombodi is a destination for trendy, affordable room decor. Redecorating shouldn't break the bank.

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Natalie Laky with roombodi products
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Hi, my name is Sarah Laky and I'm the founder of roombodi. My mission with roombodi is to provide affordable room decor solutions for trendy young women.

In 2019, I both furnished my dorm room at Columbia University for the first time and redecorated my room at home, and I definitely spent way too much money. I didn't get a lot of decor pieces but still ended up spending hundreds of dollars on mediocre-quality decor.

Frustrated with the lack of affordable room decor options for young women, I decided to launch roombodi in 2020 in order to give girls a way to redecorate their rooms without breaking the bank. I source products from all around the world and have a sharp eye for design, which you can take advantage of by checking out roombodi's curated decor collections.

Everyday, I am growing and learning with roombodi, and am excited for what lies in roombodi's future. Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on: augmented reality product experiences, a personalized style quiz, and, soon, pop-up stores all over the United States. Stay tuned by signing up for roombodi's email newsletter below!


Address: 1110 Brickell Avenue Suite 430, Miami Florida 33131

Hours: Feel free to reach out any time; we're available 24/7.

E-mail: support@roombodi.com