When decorating, many people start by identifying an aesthetic to decorate around. This makes sense! Choosing a broad aesthetic leaves you with more room for creativity than restricting yourself to a certain color or pattern before you even start shopping. Read on to hear about the five trendiest room decor aesthetic styles of 2020:

1. Boho

Boho, short for bohemian, is an aesthetic that has emerged over the last decade. The boho aesthetic somewhat resembles the hippie style of the 60s and 70s, but is modified for the present day. In a boho room, you'll find lots of woven details, warm colors, natural patterns, and plants. The boho aesthetic is strongly oriented towards a summery vibe, rather than a colder one, which is related to its surge in popularity in Coachella attire. A really popular motif in boho decor is the mandala—an Indian circular design representing the universe.


2. Grunge

The grunge aesthetic is similar to a goth or emo style, but less dark and more urban. Grunge originated in the punk pop culture scene, but it has since expanded to a design style and is often found in room decor. A grunge room incorporates lots of gray and black, as well as generally avoiding patterns. Another common motif is the use of urban patterns, like the concrete design on this pillowcase. Finally, grunge aesthetics tend to use metallic accents which, again, call back to the urban origins of this style.


3. Baddie

The baddie aesthetic is the newest one on this list. "Baddie" is actually a slang term for a sexy Instagram influencer. In terms of fashion, Instagram baddies make liberal use of makeup, false eyelashes, acrylic nails, and, often, colorful hair. However, baddie chic is popping up all over the decor world. This aesthetic tends to include bold slogans, satin fabric, LED light strips, and other items that are a combination of being incredibly trendy, edgy, and gorgeous.


4. Elegant

Elegant room decor has never not been hot, but it's an aesthetic that is constantly evolving to fit the meaning of what we find trendy today. In a modern, elegant room, you'll find decor that is light on patterns and slogans, and often more minimalistic than colorful. Fabrics that make appearances in elegant rooms include velvet, satin, tulle, and more. Indeed, the beauty of choosing an elegant aesthetic is that you're free to break the "rules" of elegance any time: if you style it right, almost any piece of room decor, like a neon sign, can exude magnificently elegant vibes.


5. Artsy

The last item on our list of hot aesthetics is the artsy aesthetic. This style is often conflated with the boho aesthetic, but it's actually totally different! The two aesthetics share some characteristics, like a tendency towards warm colors, but artsy decor uses much brighter colors, like yellow, and more abstract patterns than would be found in a boho room. Also, artsy decor incorporates lots and lots of plants—both artificial, real, and on posters! The artsy aesthetic has origins in the hipster movement of the 2010s and favors striped patterns as well as natural accents, like wooden decor.

Hopefully, reading this list of trending room decor aesthetics has inspired your newest decorating journey. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below—we'd love to hear it!

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