If you're a lover of color, why not bring some rainbow into your room decor? Using generous pops of color is a great way to brighten up a space and make your bedroom or dorm your new favorite space to hang out. Read on for four decor ideas to create a rainbow-themed room:

1. Choose a Colorful Bedding Set

Rainbow Swirl Bedding Set

Your bed is probably the focal point of your room, so you should start your rainbow decor here! You can choose a solid-colored bedding set and incorporate lots of colorful throw pillows, or simply choose a bedding set that already has a million gorgeous colors involved! To shop the beautiful pastel bedding set pictured above, click here.

2. Use Colorful Lights

Rainbow Neon Lamp

One of the most creative ways you can bring colors into your room actually isn't furniture—it's lighting! One option is choosing a single lamp that has lots of colors, like the rainbow lamp pictured above. Another great, subtler option is using an LED light strip. With LEDs, you can choose when to bathe your room in color and when to just enjoy natural light. This LED light strip includes a remote that you can use to easily switch your room's color to anything you want! It's also a great solution if you can't paint your walls, since the color will bounce off of light-colored paint and make your walls look as bright as can be.

3. Bring In Subtle Rainbow Accents

Rainbow Throw Pillowcase

Maybe you love rainbow but are also a minimalist, or maybe you just think that a super-colorful room isn't mature enough for you. Luckily, there are lots of options for bringing more subtle rainbow accents into your decor. One great idea is adding a neutral throw pillow with an exciting rainbow design, like the one pictured above. Other ideas include showing off colorful stationery on your desk, hanging colorful clothes outside of your closet, or keeping a colorful potted plant on a shelf. The possibilities are endless and all super cute.

4. Stickers, Stickers, and More Stickers!

Rainbow Sticker Set

An ultra-customizable decor idea is using rainbow stickers to decorate just about anything—your mirror, your door, your water bottle, your laptop—you name it! For an affordable fifty-piece sticker set, click here. When you use a sticker set that has tons of different designs, you create a cohesive rainbow theme while still bringing lots of exciting patterns and shapes into your decor.