Unless you're an ultra-minimalist, you definitely want to bring some patterns into your room decor. Not only are they eye-catching and beautiful, but they're a great way to make your entire room decor aesthetic more cohesive. Read on for three trending patterns that everyone needs in their room or dorm ASAP.

1. Cow Print


There's a snake in my boot! Cow print is a hot new trend in 2020, and there's no reason not to bring it into your room decor! A plus with using cow print in your room decor is that it's black and white—meaning that you can match a cow print with any color scheme. Two awesome roombodi products featuring this cattle pattern are our Cow Print Bedding Set and our Cow Print Wall Sticker Set. Click the links to shop now!

2. Brick


Brick walls are really expensive, but removable wallpaper with a brick design is not! Bricks are a great neutral pattern that you can use to amp up your wall design if it's feeling a little empty. Another upside is that removable wallpaper won't damage your wall, so this is a major pattern option for those of you living in dorms or rented spaces, like apartments. Shop our Brick Removable Wallpaper now! $41 gets you 33 feet of 1.5 foot-wide wallpaper, which is enough to cover almost fifty square feet of your wall. (Measure your wall first so that you know if you'll need more.)

3. Grid

Grid pattern bedside caddy

A grid pattern is perfectly minimalistic and elegant, yet still trendy and exciting to look at! Even better, grid patterns can be incorporated into just about any part of your room, from bedding to bedside caddies to photo grids and more. To shop roombodi's huge collection of grid-patterned room decor, click here