Making an impression at college is like putting your foot in fresh-fallen snow. Whether you’re in a class, trying out for a sport, or starting a job, you may find yourself surrounded by people who don’t know you. The same is true in your dorm, and you can make an impression with your décor. Follow these dorm room decorating dos and don’ts to ensure your room stands out.

Do Find Out What Your Room Is Like

Use your university’s website to look at blueprints of the dorm in which you’ll stay. It should list the furniture in the room, half of which is yours. Most rooms come with a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser. You may also have a closet or other shelving unit. Knowing how big your dorm is and what is available in the room will help you decide how to decorate.

Don’t Buy Everything Ahead of Time

As you get settled into the college vibe, you may decide to change your dorm room décor. You never know what might inspire you. Rather than hang posters, dorm lights, and pictures all over your wall, you can get a dorm wall tapestry from roombodi, which you can easily pair with another décor.

Pro Tip: You might join a sorority, club, organization, or another group during your first semester or year. Consider that you might want to decorate your dorm room to show your pride.

Don’t Overspend

The decorations you use in your dorm will only last you four years or less. Don’t invest in items that you aren’t going to use once you graduate.

Do Take Your Time Decorating

It may feel like a rush to get all your things to your dorm, but you don’t have to hurry to decorate. Try to move in as soon as possible so that you have time to set up your space. Most colleges let you move into your dorms several days before classes start.

Don’t Match Your Décor to Your Roommate’s

While communicating with your roommate will save you many headaches, you don’t need to match your décor styles to have an amazing room. Some of the coolest dorm rooms have completely opposite aesthetics—and roommates who get along just fine.

Do Cautiously Adhere Things to Your Walls

When they tell you not to use duct tape on your dorm walls—they mean it. Act cautiously with the adhesives you use to hang your posters, artwork, and any other décor. You may prevent paint from coming off the wall with Command Strips, but results are not always consistent.

Following these dorm room decorating dos and don’ts will set your college-life experience off on the right track. Everyone wants to hang out in the coolest dorm room. Make your space an oasis that’s better than home when you shop roombodi dorm decor today.