Whether you recently moved into a new place or never got around to furnishing your current one, you need creative ways to dress up boring blank walls. Leaving the walls of your apartment or house bare makes your place look sad and unlived in. Including even one poster can show off your personality and make your living space feel more like home. Check out these ways to decorate your dorm walls that are easy and affordable.

Spruce up Your Wall Color

A quick and typically budget-friendly way to make your walls look fresh and new is to change how they look. With paint, wallpaper, and other accents, you can instantly transform any room. Create a textured wall or a bold accent wall near the focal point of your room. Further, you can hang fabrics like carpets or tapestries to add color and texture to your space.

Fill With a Large Piece

Especially if you’re aiming for a minimalist design, you may prefer to fill wall space will large pieces. Find a giant piece of artwork or a mirror to place on a big empty wall. Alternatively, you could have a family photo taken and blown up to have framed on a large wall. A large wall is also a wonderful place to hang a fabric decoration or tapestry.

Decorate With a Collage of Images

If you have many photos and pieces of art you want to include in your space, use them to create a collage. You can fill a blank wall with a collage of images if you place them strategically. Rather than placing photo frames of the same size next to one another, find ways to pair different sizes together so that they fit like a puzzle.

Use Mirrors

Including mirrors in your home décor will take it from mediocre to professional. You can use a big mirror with a beautiful frame on a giant empty wall or include several in a collage. Additionally, mirrors work as accents and functional décor. Place them in your bedroom or near the exit of your house. This way, you can check your appearance before departing for the day.

Install Light Fixtures

Your walls are the perfect places to put lights. When you use your walls, you can free up floor space and create a unique ambiance in your home. For instance, a neon dorm sign will glow rather than give off an exceptional amount of light like a chandelier. Use different light fixtures in your home so that you have options.

Finding creative ways to dress up boring blank walls is fun if you love to decorate. You can find all sorts of ways to upgrade your space, whether or not you have a budget in mind. Shop roombodi for more wall lighting to spruce up your home and make it as cozy as it can be.