No matter how well-decorated your room is, letting a mess pile up in your room will ruin your entire aesthetic. We're looking at you, pile of clothes on the chair (we all have one)! Use these eight helpful tips to make cleaning your room a breeze in a way that will keep it from getting dirty again so quickly.

1. Pick up everything off of your floor

Pick up everything that is on your floor (that shouldn't be there) and put it on your bed. Then, grab a trash bag and throw away any trash—don't be afraid to recycle things like empty water bottles! Bottle recycling tip: remove the plastic label from around the water bottle to increase the likelihood that your water bottle actually makes it through the recycling plant. Save the earth! After you've thrown away your trash, put away every one of those items that doesn't belong on your bed. This strategy is helpful because you won't leave things piled on your bed since you have to sleep there, so moving all your clutter to your bed creates motivation to put it all away.

2. Wipe down your surfaces

Wipe down your dresser, vanity, desk, shelves—whatever surfaces you have in your room. Not only will this make your room look squeaky clean, but it's important for your health and personal hygiene. Fun fact: dust is mostly made of dead skin cells, which is gross and needs to be cleaned up regularly. Make sure to use appropriate cleaning supplies; disinfectant wipes are generally a good idea, but certain woods and other materials might get damaged, so use soap and water or a special cleaning solution for those. Also, don't forget to lift up items like lamps, picture frames, and other trinkets and wipe under those as well.

3. Wipe down your mirrors

For mirrors, use Windex (or a homemade cleaning solution) to wipe them down. Don't use soap and water because this will leave streaks when it dries. Having clean mirrors is a great way to make your room feel cleaner (because mirrors are big) and, actually, make your room feel bigger. This is because a sparkling reflection tricks the eye into thinking that the reflection is a part of the room.

Woman looking in mirror

4. Organize your closet and drawers

Organizing your closet and drawers will not only make your room look neater, but it will make finding your clothes a breeze—no more mismatched socks! Try sorting clothes by type (sweater, T-shirt, tank tops, etc.) or by color. Also, make sure you use hangers that won't stretch out the shoulders of your shirts. This mostly means avoiding wire hangers. If you're running low on closet or drawer space, using an under-the-bed organizer is a great storage solution. You can purchase one here for $28, and it includes dividers and a clear plastic top that will keep your clothes from getting dusty under your bed.

Clean closet

5. Sell or donate clothes you don't want

While organizing your clothes, you will probably find things that you just don't wear anymore. Instead of letting these take up valuable storage space, try selling them on a platform like Depop, or even make your own Instagram account to sell your clothes. If you don't want the hassle of posting your clothes online and shipping them, simply put them in a bag and bring them to a local donation center. These will often be Goodwills, donation boxes in parking lots, or discount thrift stores. This is also a great way to give back to the community by letting other people treasure the clothes that you aren't using anymore.

6. Wash your bedding

Sleeping in your bed every night (and sometimes during the day) means that your bedding, sheets, blankets, and pillowcases will get sweaty, stained, and dirty over time. Nobody wants to sleep in a dirty bed, so make sure that you're washing your bedding regularly. A good schedule to stick to is washing pillowcases weekly, sheets biweekly, and duvet covers monthly.

7. Vacuum

Crumbs, dust, and other particles accumulate in your carpet and rugs over time, so it's important to keep them clean by vacuuming. Make sure you move furniture like chairs and lamps so that you can vacuum underneath them. Also, be sure to lift up chargers and cables so that they don't get sucked into your vacuum and break. If you have a robot vacuum like the Roomba, you can vacuum more often than you think because there is no effort required on your part other than emptying the dust chamber. Also, if you don't have a carpet, you should still sweep your floor and gather debris with a dustpan.

8. Make your bed

Making your bed should be a daily habit because it will keep the inside of your sheets cleaner and will make your room look far cleaner. To make your bed in less than two minutes, follow these easy steps:

  1. Pull your flat sheet and duvet up to your pillow
  2. Tuck your duvet into the side of your bedframe
  3. Arrange your sham pillow and throw pillowcases at the head of your bed (or along the side) for a cute finish

Bed made with marble bedding