As much as we love minimalistic bedrooms, adding patterns is a great way to create visual interest in your room decor. Even better, mixing different patterns can create a rich, eye-catching effect that will make your bedroom environment all the more exciting. Read on for three themed ideas for your room decor that make liberal use of mixed patterns.

1. Jungle Theme

To make your bedroom feel like your own personal jungle, make liberal use of mixing different natural patterns together. A favorite option is to use both flora and fauna: in other words, mix plant and animal prints! To get this jungle look, try combining items like our Tropical Leaves Tapestry, Tropical Leaves Throw Pillowcase, and Plush Animal Print Throw Pillowcase. These bright colors will have your bedroom or dorm feeling tropical no matter what the weather looks like outside.

2. Urban Theme

Leaning towards a grunge aesthetic, an urban pattern theme is a great way to incorporate industrial patterns into your dorm or bedroom decor. An urban theme should evoke city-like feelings, and makes liberal use of multimedia patterns: metals, concrete, and skylines are great options. To get started with an urban theme, check our our Metallic Collection, Concrete Color Block Throw Pillowcase, and New York Skyline Poster. Your bedroom can be a concrete jungle where dreams are made, too!

3. Geometric Theme

Incorporating lots of geometric patterns into your room decor is more abstract than the previous two themes, but looks just as exciting! The beauty of a geometric theme is that you're working with geometry, which means lots of beautiful shapes. Circles, squares, triangles, and lines might be very different shapes, but they work together to create an artistic, abstract visual effect. Some great items to start a geometric pattern theme are our Abstract Art Poster Set, Geometric Throw Pillowcase, and Grid Bedding Set.