Shopping for trendy room decor is the first step, but a bedroom needs something handmade to really feel like home. Read on for four DIY Room Decor Projects that you can try out while you're bored at home.

Photo collage

1. Make a Photo Wall Collage

Photos are a great way to physically cherish your memories, especially if you have friends/family far from home. A decor idea that will both show these photos off and fill up empty space on your wall is a photo wall collage. Use 10 photos or 1000, collages are fully customizable and you can decide everything, from the size to the shape and more. To make a collage, you'll need a way to hang the photos securely enough to keep them from falling down, but without damaging your wall. To learn how to hang photos without damaging your wall, read our blog post here.

2. Paint Something

Paintings are a great way to decorate your wall with your own work, plus they're beautiful! To hang a painting, you'll need a canvas, brushes, paint, and mounting strips, which you can buy here. Unleash your creativity with this painting, whether its entirely from your own imagination, or whether you followed a Bob Ross tutorial. If you want to decorate a larger space, consider making multiple paintings that fit the same aesthetic and then hanging them near each other.

3. Spray Paint Your Furniture

If you're getting tired of your furniture, but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for new furniture, you can change up your furniture's look by simply spray painting it. A quick note: some states require you to be 18 in order to buy spray paint, so check the law for your state if you're younger! To spray paint your furniture sand it first, which helps the paint stick to the surface. Then, follow the instructions on your spray paint can and apply the paint in an even color. Repeat as many times as necessary, letting the paint dry between coats. Once you're done, make sure the paint is completely dry and move it back into your room for an instant spruce-up. 

4. Make an Inspiration Board

An inspiration board is a great way to keep yourself motivated all day through your room decor. To make an inspiration board, collect magazine clippings, photos, prints, and anything else that inspires you! For extra style, challenge yourself to vaguely match the colors. Hang them all up on your wall, or pin them onto a cork board, and you have yourself a beautiful piece of wall decor that also happens to be a hub of your own inspiration.

5. Make a Flower Letter

A flower letter is a piece of cardboard in the shape of a letter, usually the first letter of your name, covered in artificial flowers. I think roses look best, but you can find a ton of different types of flowers online for a low price. All you need to do is find a spare piece of cardboard, cut it into the shape of a letter using scissors or an X-Acto knife, and then hot glue artificial flowers all over it. Regular glue works just as well, you just need to be careful not to disturb the flowers until they've dried. When you're ready to hang it in your dorm, use mounting strips for a secure grip that won't damage your wall.