Printed photos have a physical sense of nostalgia that no picture on your phone or computer can live up to. Whether you prefer photo prints, Polaroids, or developed film, incorporating photos into your room decor is an easy way to make your space feel cozy. Especially if you've just moved into a dorm room, having a bedroom that feels like your home is really important for mental health, so keep reading!

1. Clip Photos Onto String Lights

String lights are a room decor staple, but did you know that you can make them even cuter by attaching your favorite photos with clips? roombodi's String Lights with Clips include fifty photo clips that can hold your favorite memories. Here's a style tip: you can overlap your light string to cover a wall, as shown in the photo, or you can hang the string lights in a single layer around your entire room to cover a wider area. Either way, make sure to hang the string lights in a way that won't damage your wall. A good option is using removable self-adhesive hooks, and a pack of twenty hooks is available here for $9.

You can purchase String Lights with Clips here for $15 + free shipping to the USA.

2. Use a Photo Grid

Photo grids are a great option for showcasing photos on your wall because you can leave empty space to make room for future photos and the grid design will still look cool! When hanging a photo grid, make sure not to damage your wall by using removable self-adhesive hooks, and a pack of twenty hooks is available here for $9. 

You can purchase a Photo Grid here for $15 + free shipping to the USA.

3. Use Mounting Strips

Collage of Polaroid Photos

Sometimes, the best option to display photos is without any distractions, as in taping your photos to the wall. However, regular tape actually rips the paint off of your wall when you try to remove it after a few months. This is a huge problem, and if you live in a dorm or are a renter, it could lead to an expensive repair fee. Luckily, you can still have the look of photos taped to your walls without the damage using removable self-adhesive mounting strips. Just attach a mounting strip to the photo and then paste it onto your wall. Here's a tip: if you're running low on mounting strips, you can cut them in half because a photo isn't heavy enough to need an entire strip to hold it up.

You can purchase a pack of Self-Adhesive Mounting Strips here for $8 + free shipping to the USA.