Guest Post by Emmanuel M.

The first week wasn’t that bad. If anything, it felt like a blessing in disguise, no lectures and no part time job. Then the second week came along, and the enthusiasm dulled a little. By this point I’d already watched half of the Netflix shows I’d been putting off, so it was still bearable.

But by week three, after everything had been watched, I realized I’d had enough, and that it was time for a change to my monotonous routine.

The only question was what could I change? My hair? No, salons weren’t open, and I’d probably botch the job myself. My nails? No, I’d rather have bad nails than no nails. It wasn’t until I’d walked around my college dorm for the 50th that day that it hit me, my eureka moment. It wouldn’t be wise to make any big changes to my physical appearance, but the house décor was fair game. And honestly, I’d gotten tired of looking at the same place for the past three/four weeks.

So here are the two changes I made to my room to self-isolate in style.

Posters, Posters and more Posters!

Abstract Art Poster Set
Despite the changes always happening in the world of interior decoration, wall posters have managed to remain a big part of the conversation. And why not? The proper choice of posters can be used as the centre of whatever theme you’re going for or just as a means of expressing your personal artistry. It also doesn’t hurt that the poster is usually one of the most affordable items in the room. One or more new posters will have that bland room looking brand new. You can find some wonderfully designed posters here.

Light up your room and uplift your spirits!

Banana Neon Sign
Lighting is one of the most important parts of interior design. Good lighting is responsible for enhancing what’s already in the room while creating a mood or ambiance. Another benefit is the various styles and types of lights available to improve that ambiance. Anything from neon lights to mood changing lights can massively change the appearance and feel of your room. Even adding an extra layer of sensory stimulation while you're binging away at Netflix. You can find a range of lighting solutions here.